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Proactively connecting to your prospect universe requires careful attention to detail and if done right should become habitual, right now its also critical to be cognisant of the times adapting messaging and content to be both empathetic and pure value add!

We’ve put together this series of hacks and tips to get the most out of LinkedIn and to beat the platform’s algorithms to ensure you and your brand stay relevant and front of mind.

It can seem as difficult as learning a new language however the good news is, we have made it easier to understand! Team Rocket is about to reveal the secrets that we have used for the past 7 years that have given our clients such as Quotient Technology and their Shopmium product a 4264% Growth in 1st-degree industry connections in just 12 months from the time they came on board.

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So if you are interested to get started right away, let’s get to it immediately with Growth Hack #1 | Powered by Rocket Growth 🚀

Complete the Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Make-Over & Optimisation (sounds easy enough, right😝?)

Let’s look at all the basics:

Profile Photo: Make sure you use a high-quality, well-lit headshot that’s at least 200 x 200 pixels. LinkedIn suggests having an image where your face takes up 60% of the frame. (Simple enough to get that done yourself using your latest iphone or android with good light and a casual #workfromhome feel to it of put on your best suit and try it again or have a professional photographer provide his skills)

Cover photo: The cover photo section also known as a background gives you ample real estate to tell profile visitors what you (and your business) are all about. There’s nothing that screams laziness and lack of confidence than the blue banner. So update this to represent your professional image. We would recommend you use a company image, e.g. the banner used on the landing page of your website.

🎁 Bonus strategy: Aim to keep your profile image and banner consistent across multiple platforms to ensure instant recognition, maintaining consistency.

Customize your profile URL: Be professional but with swag, as this is something that is similar to your digital business card. ensure to state your name in full but use keywords to also describe what you do. You may need to be a little creative… but not crazy.

Optimizing your headline: The headline is limited to 120 characters so be sure to use valuable keywords that your target audience uses often. This is another form of prime real-estate so attend to it with diligent care discreetly creating a need to want to learn more.

Customize Your Contact Information: I get frustrated when I can’t contact someone and will quickly move on to the next, so if its opportunities and new business you are looking for provide a reasonable way for your dream clients to be able to get in touch with you before they settle for the next best thing. To further optimize this area, change the default contact labels (such as “Personal website” or “Company blog”) to reflect keywords your target audience might use to find your product or service.

Write a compelling profile copy: If your headline is prime real-estate than this lot is your palace to welcome your most desired guests. This shouldn’t read like an extension of your CV. though unfortunately, many users have treated their LinkedIn profile like a resume. Concise and professional, yet boring AF.

LinkedIn was built around the idea of professionals connecting with other professionals. You won’t effectively do that if your profile reads like the ingredients section on the back of the expired bran flakes cereal box.

🎁 Bonus Strategy: Introduce yourself and your work with video. You can add a video to your introduction and other areas of your LinkedIn profile. Video is excellent for telling stories, sharing client testimonials, and explaining what you do. Introducing yourself in a video with your own face and voice makes your introduction personal. You immediately stand out from the crowd, especially if most of your competitors aren’t including video.

🎁 + 🎁 Added Bonus Strategy: Add a call to action, such as ‘I invite you to connect’ or adding links to your website or relevant professional portfolios or projects demonstrating examples of your work.

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Experience: Start with the highlights, the achievements and please don’t do the ordinary CV. thing again. Declare your achievements and do it with numbers. Your potential connections want to know what you can bring to the table. Then speak about the company and start with the why’s. move onto the how’s and sign off with the products and services you deliver, ending by another CTA for interesting connections to get in touch.

Education: It’s recommended you include any undergraduate, postgraduate, certificate, and diploma qualifications. LinkedIn also provides a certification section, which is relevant if you have specific, industry-based certifications. Remember: The first entry is what will appear on the right-hand side of your LinkedIn profile below your background image.

Skills and Endorsements: This section can increase your level of social proof and improve your search ranking. A simple and effective way to build your professional brand and engage your network.

🎁 Bonus strategy: Adding skills helps with your SEO ranking. Pin your top three to optimize the keyword search.

Recommendations: You should be aiming for high-quality testimonials from senior professionals who are respected and well known in your industry.

Accomplishments: There is a list of available options for you to mention such as Publications, Projects, Honors and Awards, Organisations and more. Do choose the ones that are most relevant to your clients.

You are just about set!

But not yet done. Because that was the end of the Growth Hack #1.

So grab a coffee and let’s move onto #2 followed by 7 more ultimate hacks that are waiting to be explored. Stick with us and we will get you through this, however, if you find this exhausting, we would like to help! Just COMMENT BELOW: “do it for me!” and my Team and I will get in touch. If you require our professional services then let’s catch up over a remote intro to understand more about your business, the dream clients you wish to connect with, and what you wish to achieve.

Growth Hack #1 may have seemed exhausting, but wait until you see what it takes to fully be optimised and somewhat bullet-proof especially in a changing and unpredictable post-COVID world.

If you are indeed ready for Growth Hack #2 and the 7 others that follow then head over here for FREE ACCESS exclusively provided for all my connections

Keep in mind that LinkedIn is focused on growing your professional network, building your personal brand, and increasing your industry knowledge. By commenting on other people’s posts, you also showcase your expertise and increase your visibility within the algorithm on the platform.

So make it a habit and comment below after reading the Full List of 9 LinkedIn Growth Hacks with anything we may have missed and let’s connect to grow our professional network even more!

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