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LinkedIn in the past has been a primary tool for recruitment however, with the rise in popularity and the growing functionality of the platform, it has become a necessary tool for many businesses to generate sales lead, build brand awareness, build network connections especially amongst the ones that are engaged in the Business-to-business (B2B) sector.

Within this brief article, we will take you through: 

  • The prominence of LinkedIn in today’s professional landscape
  • How LinkedIn can give B2B companies immense growth opportunities both internationally and domestically.
  • Social Selling & Lead Generation with LinkedIn
  • Finding your Ideal Customers and their Profiles with LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Ad Targeting
  • Natural Growth, content marketing, and brand awareness.

Let’s dive right in!

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LinkedIn now boasts a truly impressive user base of 700+ Million users from more than 200+ countries worldwide, a figure that is far more than the platform where Elon Musk shout-out about Dogecoin or where Gen-Z’s like us get our news from (cough Twitter cough). 

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The prominence of LinkedIn as a professional platform is evident by the statistics published by LinkedIn where, a staggering 93% of the B2B marketers consider the platform as the most productive platform for lead generation in addition to LinkedIn being responsible for 64% of all visits from social media platforms to a company site (Econsultancy), which in itself showcases the importance and the relevancy of the platform in discussion. 

As evident by the world map below, it is clear to see that almost according to LinkedIn, 75% of their user base is outside the United States of America, a shocker I know, which presents a unique proposition for the brands & companies looking to grow and expand their brand, audience, and business domestically as well as internationally, because no corner on the globe is too far in this day and age. 

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As if the numbers weren’t impressive enough, below are some more key statistics that really drive our point home in purely numbers point of view:

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LinkedIn, the world’s biggest online professional network, is naturally B2B-focused. It’s where professional ties are formed, careers are launched, and deals are made. As a result, the platform is enabled as a content marketing channel for B2B companies, and it dominates the social media platform for professionals and thought influencers.

With the world getting smaller and smaller thanks to various digital mediums that popup every now and then to compete for the shortened attention span of smart device users, it has become much harder to identify sales qualifying leads because everyone is trying to do it. One of us googled Cinderella shoes last week and the next thing we know he was bombarded with ads about glass shoes, honestly give it a rest. So to thrive and be successful, B2B companies have had to adapt much more creative and yet reliable ways to acquire leads, out of all of which, LinkedIn has pioneered the art of Social Selling and remains to be the best free (mostly) platform to generate qualified.

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Why do we say so? According to LinkedIn insights, more than 80% of Social Selling leads have originated within LinkedIn itself. That is because, apart from the age-old techniques that have been used traditionally, LinkedIn has grown to offer much more complex yet personalised techniques to drive sales through sales funnels.

How? Simply by identifying your Ideal Client Prospects (ICP), connecting with them, engaging with their interests, communicating with them, and turning them into potential customers. This whole process is executed via a combination of searching, analyzing, engaging, sharing, connecting and responding. The process & its outcomes are so varying, it could possibly seem infinite for any poor intern that is trying it out.

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Another aspect of LinkedIn is, like any other platform, it allows AD targeting. However, the benefit of Ad targeting on especially LinkedIn in the lead generation efforts is that you could be highly accurate and specialized to the tooth and nail in your targeting efforts which according to LinkedIn has made them the leading platform for social network platform for Lead Generation. The fact being, LinkedIn has a demographic of higher-educated, well-earning B2B user base further makes the platform a potential goldmine for ad running and targeting. 

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If a company manages to leverage the given real-time-first-person data with the help of LinkedIn’s native tools such as Sales Navigator, you will end up right at the doorstep of your most desired type of audience. With the vast range of metrics available to choose from, the targeting options and the strategies employable would be essentially limitless. However, like any campaign on any other platform, it might be difficult to get it right the first time around, but with a little A/B testing, you will be able to determine the most effective parameters to be used in your outreach campaigns. 

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Finally, I just want to ask How many times have you come across an interesting post from someone whom you are not following, but rather through a connection of a connection? I am sure this has happened to everyone, at least at one point.  There is so much content variety within LinkedIn compared and to compliment that, the LinkedIn algorithm is rather interesting as it can push certain content to a wider audience beyond your connections, therefore providing a great outlet for B2B content marketing with plenty of potential for natural growth

By simply being active and posting interesting, varying & thoughtful content in a successful campaign can position you or your company as a thought leader. When people search for solutions for their problems through LinkedIn, they will most likely stumble upon you or remember your company. They will come knocking on your door when they know that they have a problem for which you have the solution for. 

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If you are anything like star clients and is too busy to be reading this article, let me summarize and add more short points on why LinkedIn should be used by B2B companies in a nutshell: 

  • Business insider has rated LinkedIn as the Most Trusted Social Media platform for 3 consecutive years
  • LinkedIn has a growing member base of 774+ million active users from 200+ countries around the world and 55 million companies
  • LinkedIn says that there are at least 3 new signups every second. 
  • The active users according to LinkedIn are said to interact with company pages more than 1 billion times per month. 
  • According to LinkedIn, 6.3 million members have attended virtual events in 2020 alone within LinkedIn. 
  • There are more than 2.9 million LinkedIn groups segmented by their own interests, companies, industries, universities alumni etc. (LinkedIn). 
  • LinkedIn advertising is more effective in Brand lifting for B2B companies than any other existing platforms. 
  • According to CMI, in 2019 96% of B2B marketers used LinkedIn to distribute their own content. 
  • Sponsored Messages on LinkedIn drives twice the open rate and engagements compared to traditional emails. 
  • LinkedIn is considered to be one of the top 10 fastest growing platforms and brands in the world. 

So as one can see, LinkedIn has become a go-to platform for many individuals, brands and businesses, especially B2B ones where the platform offers far more brand visibility than all other platforms due to the primal nature of the platform. Therefore, through LinkedIn you will have a much better chance of connecting with the right prospects that will translate into the growth in the company via the sales funnel. 

However, utilizing LinkedIn 100% efficiently and effectively straight out of the bat, might not be so easy as it requires patience, effort, time, and lots of learning. That is where Team Rocket comes into play and we can take LinkedIn Marketing completely off of your plate helping you to grow your business via lead generation.

Our state-of-the-art platform is most likely to push 3 to 5 new business meetings every week. 3x your growth outreach for less than the cost of a single internal hire! Sounds like a real treat? Learn more at and have a 15-minute chat with our founder at with no obligations! 

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