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Getting clients, having appointments, and igniting conversations are mandatory for any growing and scaling businesses in order to be constant with client acquisition. Lead Generation and appointment setting are 2 major and crucial factors in every B2B business at every stage. It’s the heart of bringing in people who find interest in your product or service. Without having a lead generation process down-packed, a business will slowly start to diminish and fade away.

That being said, it’s definitely something that could be done by a business as a business model, and YES, deciding whether to outsource Lead Generation or not is not easy since who would know better about your perfected offerings but you ?, BUT the ROI (Return-On-Investment) by outsourcing lead generation could be FAR BETTER than what you think; as their sole focus is on generating new leads for YOUR business. And that’s what we are going to talk about in the article.

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What is Lead Generation?

“Lead generation is the process of attracting prospects to your business and increasing their interest through nurturing, all with the end goal of converting them into a customer.” – HubSpot

In simple terms, it is the process of getting businesses interested in learning more about your products and services in order to potentially make a purchasing decision. To make them buy your products and services you will need to find these potential customers, have a conversation with them, and educate them on how your business will add value to their business, and why you and not anyone else. (Selling in a nutshell)

There are two main ways to lead generation.

  • Outbound lead generation is a way to ENGAGE with people who are not aware of your products and services by reaching out to them with relevant information. Outbound tasks are usually done by the Sales team or the Business Development team of the business via several platforms such as Email, LinkedIn, and Cold-Calling.
  •  Inbound lead generation is a way to ATTRACT people to your business by putting out interesting and relevant content. Inbound strategies include maintaining websites, writing blogs, posting on social media, etc.

Usually, inbound tasks are well performed by a business itself as it requires a comprehensive understanding of the business offering compared to an external party.

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Outbound, on the other hand, paves the way to millions of people around the world that could be potential customers to your business. With that being said, reaching out to that many people and finding who your buyers are, is a never-ending tedious process.

Whilst the Outsourced Entity does all the tedious legwork and heavy lifting, Your internal sales team would have the opportunity to save ALL OF THAT time & energy to solely focus on closing deals, which is what they are good at!

Not to mention Recruitment, and labor costs the endless tug of war between The Marketing Department and Finance.

What is Lead Generation Outsourcing?

Outsourcing lead generation means that you’ll onboard external service providers to bring in leads into your business instead of carrying out internally or hiring new staff.

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The responsibility of lead generation will then be assigned to an external agency to build and expand your company’s sales pipeline. You get access to all the necessary data, contact details, and resources, leaving you with less worry about making all the bulk prospect data you need with potential leads that could be attracted to your service or product or even healthy partnerships.

Generating hot leads is the driving force of any business, and when this is done correctly, you’ll generate 3 to 5 times more meetings and briefs to your business resulting in a significant increase in sales.

After reading this article, you will have an understanding of the top guaranteed benefits of outsourcing your top-of-the-funnel lead generation.

#1 Low Cost – Save Resources!

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Every business has visible costs as well as costs that are hidden which are indirect. If a business has an office then we all know it has to be paid for. And that office will have staff who get a salary every month. But there are many more than just that. Outsourcing your lead generation grants you to clear out most of these, making it a very cost-effective way of bringing in more revenue to your business.

According to Glassdoor, an SDR (Sales Development Representative) makes £ 31,664 ($ 42,105) a year as an average. That’s £ 2,638 monthly per SDR!

Not to mention that you probably have to pay bonuses, commissions and endure other costs, such as employer taxes, medical costs, software licenses, etc. And all of that in addition to rent or buy extra office furniture, computers.

With all of that, you will have to end up paying a new hire a lot more than just £ 31,664 approximately annually.

Outsourcing your complete top-of-funnel lead generation to an agency is approximately 62% less than a single in-house hire in the USA. That’s a huge saving to invest in other important areas of your business that bring in returns.

#2 Save Time – Faster Deals!

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Outsourcing lead generation means you are onboarding a dominant professional team of experts in their niche. It undoubtedly will result in an increase in the number of leads you get compared to what you have been getting with your internal team.

You wouldn’t have to afford to waste your precious time in the competitive business space anymore because time equals money, so every second will count. Hence, when you hand over your lead generation off your plate to specialists, which is a personalised service DONE-FOR-YOU, you are making your business grow from the very start.

The most rewarding part is that these leads will come under your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), making all of them potential MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) and SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads). This way there will be no time-wasting, only nurtured qualified leads coming right to your sales teams’ inbox!

 When outsourced, you make space for your sales team members to focus on what they’re good at, which is selling! 

You will not have the need to stress about micromanaging the in-house team or spend months training new hires, rather sit back and let the DONE-FOR-YOU service bring in the leads for your business to make faster deals.

#3 Prospect Data – All You Need!

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Data in lead generation refers to the discovery of people that will have a higher probability of becoming a potential buyer of your service or product. Based on the ICP of your business the outsourced lead generation specialists will dig deep to find your fresh leads with their unique tactics. The use of fresh data helps prioritise sales and increases the relevancy of the pool of prospects.

Insufficiency of resources and data are key problems businesses encounter with an in-house outreach program. Good and effective lead generation requires speaking to the right people at the right time, which means you need the necessary data. A lead generation agency will know how to find the right contacts and information that come under your business ICP and reach out to them the right way. When you sign off a professional team who are experts in generating leads, you are also taking on a team that knows how to manage & gather accurate data for your company. 

They will offer services that your business would definitely find helpful. They could create new potential prospect lists or clean up your existing database. Lead generation agencies always discover and upgrade their data in real-time. Your business will definitely be able to take advantage of their data approach to get the optimal results to expand your sales pipeline.

#4 Specialized Tools – More Access!

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One of the main benefits you get by outsourcing your top-of-the-funnel lead generation is you also get to utilize specialised tools that add value to your business in getting more leads and making things more systematic. Instead of buying these specialised tools if done in-house which would incur more costs, the agency you choose to generate your leads already will have access to all the specialised techniques you may need to most likely learn from scratch. This means you will not have to worry about subscription and licensing fees that would occur every month or annum at the least.

The majority of these tools will definitely have different plans that you can pick from but even basic plans as a whole will add up to a significant return for your business.

Not just from the cost side, you’ll get an all-inclusive service from a lead generation company which will not only increase your sales but also make the process more efficient.

To get the best idea about such tools, we have mentioned a few below with a brief of what it does.

Airtable – Connects your data, workflows, and teams

Zapier – Connects your apps and automates workflows

Woodpecker – Maximize email outreach

Anymail finder – Search prospect email contacts

Bouncer – Email validation and verification

#5 Brand Awareness – You Exist!

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Brand awareness is an essential and critical component of any business because people nowadays are very savvy in their service and product research. It provides your business with a competitive edge and builds loyalty towards the company brand.

An outsourced lead generation agency filled with specialised professionals can put the proper outbound strategy and messaging sequence exactly where you need it including things such as social selling.

Lead generation agency of your choice will use outreach tactics to take your brand to the right people and make them aware of your business to bring in potential prospects. This way, regardless of whether a prospect is uncertain about making a purchasing decision with your product or service, they will be aware of your brand and end up as a referral in their own network. Opportunities will always stand high when lead generation is done by the experts.

Key Takeaways

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Any business would want to keep expenses low, or lower, and bring in the most with and of course, be productive!  and yes, there is a lot to micromanage when things are done in-house. 

While there are some operations that must be kept in-house, lead generation is one crucial part of the business that could easily be outsourced and de-leverage your business, especially with experts in the niche of Lead Gen.

You can always reach us at We Are Team Rocket. We would love to help you and your business and understand the best possible returns of lead generation as we’ve got all our i’s dotted and our T’s crossed, and the rainbow works of Lead gen.

Together, we’ll help you discover your ideal prospects and do the legwork on your behalf to generate more conversations, meetings, briefs, and opportunities, eventually a fat Topline. Bravo!

Feel free to book a quick chat with us by clicking here to introduce ourselves and how we can help you!

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