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Over the past decade, Rocket has worked with hundreds of B2B clients, activating 1000’s of multi-touchpoint, multi-channel campaigns on their behalf – with the intent of driving new leads, meeting and opportunities to fuel their new business pipelines.

By analysing all of these multi-touchpoint campaigns in unison, and filtering differing target industries, ticket values and sales cycles it’s allowed to determine what types of cadences work best.

For instance, in running the numbers for those with ticket value sales of £5K+ with sales cycles of 6 weeks + it becomes clear that a more comprehensive multi-touchpoint, multi-channel approach combined with re-targeting is the most profitable one by a distance.

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Cadence Breakdown

The diagram details outbound actions, that should be undertaken across a timeframe of 35 days in this instance. With day 1 being first action touchpoint.

If you’d like to know the optimal cadence sequence for your target market and sales-type just drop a note in the comments or reach out directly to us.

Creatively planning and penning a multi-part sequence email and social selling campaign that will inform, engage, surprise, delight and even amuse your prospect audience is absolutely critical in gaining positive lead responses, referrals and in turn, moving them through one’s sales cycle.

Our follow-up strategy here at We Are Team Rocket – honed over years of A/B testing and developed through aggregated learnings from sending millions of emails and testing all manner of outbound and inbound channels in combination – is one of a multi-touchpoint, multi-channel approach. All these methods work in unison to deliver the maximum levels of awareness, engagement, and response.

The follow-up strategy we devise, promote and tailor for our clients is one of drip-fed hyper-personalised sequenced emails, intermixed with social selling and audience rapport building (particularly via LinkedIn – ‘done for you’ manually with a human touch) and finished off with a re-targeting strategy to close the engaged but un-responded prospects.

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To sum up

What are the ingredients of a successful outreach campaign?

For We Are Team Rocket it means combining various channels to reach out to prospects – without losing the human touch in the process.

Extreme personalization, double-verified prospect data and hyper-targeted campaigns sent to the right prospects are the methods that work best for them. How about you – have you tried them yet?

To learn more about how Rocket can help you, your business, and your sales team or if your simple keen to understand the optimal cadence sequence and approach to up your outbound game then – Book in a strategy session and I’ll personally talk you through

What you can expect in working with Rocket

Team Rocket will:

🚀 Triple Your Response Rates

🚀 Triple Your Industry Connections

🚀 Triple The Number Of Conversations Your Having

🚀 Triple Your Lead-Inflow

🚀 Triple The Reach Of Your Content

🚀 Triple The Size Of Your Verified Prospect Database

And Better Yet We Do All Of This For 1/3 Of The Cost Of An Internal New Hire!

All Good Things Come In 3’s 🚀🚀🚀🎰🎰🎰

By Tom Simpson – We Are Team Rocket

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