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It’s harder than ever to gain the attention, interest and response of your target decision-makers. Multi-Channel outreach has been proven to deliver 3x responses compared to single channel outreach. Automate your top-of-funnel lead generation with Team Rocket’s… 100% DONE FOR YOU LinkedIn & Email Syndicated Outreach Solution.

Our syndicated LinkedIn Social Selling + Email Outreach solution is a managed ‘Done For You’ service that first optimises your presence on LinkedIn & Email. Before then taking a personalised and systematic approach to outreach to your pre-defined, pre-agreed ideal customer profile audience. In order to drive connections, followers, conversations, leads, webinar attendees, demos, sales appointments, and ultimately expand your new business pipeline by automating your top of funnel lead generation.

At the onset of working together, we will immerse ourselves into your proposition, USPs, success stories, and competitive marketplace before then working with you to understand and define your ideal customer profile and buyer personas. Using the resulting insight we look to reverse engineer the potential pain points that can ultimately be used as hooks within our campaigns to drive traction amongst the various segments of your audience.
With there being over 740 million users on LinkedIn and a plethora of filtering options that come with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator edition, we work with you to define and refine the ideal target audience for each of your campaigns. As one of our core USPs we also host a wealth of custom audience building techniques thanks to our in-house data team, who where necessary are able to rapidly build out custom audiences via human-research and human-data-enrichment. We also have access to a wealth of paid data tools to build out custom audiences based on firmographic, technographic, and intent based data as well as being able to scrape competitor audiences and event audiences to empower insight led targeting. All done to ensure you are prospecting the right people at the right time.
During onboarding our team of senior copywriters and creatives will analyse and optimise your LinkedIn profile. Optimising the LinkedIn profile we will be basing our activity from is a crucial first step in enabling LinkedIn as a social selling and online lead generation tool for your business. We complete full make-overs for all our clients so that your profile(s) stand the best chance of converting prospect leads and attracting inbound ones. Your newly optimised profile will also improve your ranking and dramatically increase your organic search impressions within LinkedIn..
Once we’ve planned out a campaign strategy and defined your ideal prospect universe our team of senior copywriters will set to work ideate and craft the ideal connect messages and follow up cadences for your review and sign-off. Having executed 1000’s of LinkedIn outreach campaigns on behalf of 100’s of clients we know what is working well right now to achieve the best possible connect ratios and response rates. Formulating social selling cadences on your behalf that are conversational, rapport building, value adding and ultimately personalised whilst still working to some degree of scale.
To supplement our cold connect outreach campaigns, we execute inmail campaigns simultaneously to the subsection of your ideal customer profile (ICP) who also happen to be open networkers on LinkedIn. As this means inmails can be sent to them free of charge.
Again once our core cold connect and follow up campaigns are up and running we will look to throttle up activity by simultaneously running group messaging campaigns to relevant sub-sections of your ICP who you also share a group membership in common with on LinkedIn. As LinkedIn allows you to send direct messages to anyone you share a group with on LinkedIn circumnavigating the need to first connect to them.
Our data-team and data tools, make it possible for us to execute hyper-personalised LinkedIn outreach campaigns on your behalf powered by insight such as known events your ICP prospects are planning to attend, or have attended or based on particular complementary technologies your target accounts are known to be using or based on intent based buyer signals. This allows our messaging to truly stand out, ensuring optimal returns by being timely and relevant.
As well as targeting new connections our tools and processes allow you to target specific subsets of your existing 1st degree connections with timely content, campaigns and calls to action.
Over time we will analyse your key competitors and if desirable scrape their audiences so that we can target their clients/consumers on your behalf with bespoke comparative messaging that promotes your USP’s encouraging them to jump ship.
We support you in the usage of LinkedIn Polls as means of a lead-magnet on LinkedIn. By intelligently ideating a question and sub-set of answers that would ensure any ICP prospect that answers the question would immediately be a high value lead it means we can drive quick wins by supporting you in posting a Poll within LinkedIn, then boosting it on your newsfeed for maximum reach and then utilising the poll natively within our campaigns to ensure the question gets in front of your priority targets.
Whenever you and your team spend a lot of time putting together a new LinkedIn post for your company page or news feed it goes without saying that you want it to gain maximum organic reach within your intended audience. Here at Rocket we are parts of various industry communities and pods that allow us to boost your newly posted content to help it on it's path to going viral. Ensuring it gets more likes, comments and trends higher on your selected # tags. Usually our boosts will 10x the organic reach of your content in terms of views/plays.
As part of our service offering we also focus on growing your LinkedIn company followers amongst your ICP target audience. We do this in a multitude of ways ranging from encouraging prospects to follow within our LinkedIn cadences and by using the admin tools provided by LinkedIn that allow us to invite followers from the pool of prospects that you are connected with.
Once we have immersed ourselves into your business, ICP, buyer persona’s and competitive landscape our team of expert copywriters will work with you to craft the ideal messaging cadences suitable to be executed via email automation. Rocket has invested in our own cloud-based email automation platform purpose-built for optimal deliverability by mimicking human-like sending patterns and ensuring optimal engagement rates by ensuring that all of our emails come across personalised B2B as if sent 1:1.
Our team of techies will work with you to ensure the email domain and inbox that are running the email activity from on your behalf are set-up in a way that ensures optimal deliverability into your prospects' inboxes, opposed to SPAM. This includes ensuring correct SPF, DMARC and DKIM. And for new domains or new inboxes we will run a rigorous warm-up ahead of any campaign activity. Then even when campaigns are up and running we will be continually monitoring deliverability, maintaining and building a healthy domain reputation for the best possible results.
The type of outbound campaign logic that is delivering the best returns right now for ourselves and our clients, is running with a multi-channel approach. Building up touchpoints with your prospects across a variety of mediums to take them from cold to engaged to intrigued. We have been able to 3X open rates and response rates from executing syndicated closed loop campaigns that flick back and forth between the prospects' LinkedIn and work email address, playing off trigger points they have taken such as connecting, not-connecting, opening an email, clicking on a link etc (see image). We have developed a cloud-based platform that can execute this type of syndicated activity within a singular platform.
Given the innate difficulty within LinkedIn’s native inbox to keep track of new connections, conversations and leads especially when you start to get a lot of them. We provide a live lead-management dashboard, that is directly integrated to your LinkedIn account, keeping track of every connection and conversation we drive on your behalf. Filtered and prioritised based on the leads value and strength of their response. This makes it very easy for you and your sales team, to assign and action leads as appropriate, never to lose track, as well as having clear visibility of the performance of our campaigns and ultimately the ROI within them.
Our in-house LinkedIn automation tool allows us to keep track of all of the key metrics within your campaigns from connection rate acceptance ratios ’s to the response rate to the various parts of the social selling cadence. We combine this with live reporting on your lead management dashboard tracking the overall growth we are achieving on your profile in terms of new ICP connections acquired and new company followers acquired within your ICP. This level of in depth reporting allows us to work with you to run ongoing a/b tests and optimisations to continually improve upon all the metrics over time.
From the go-live we always look to action split (a/b) tests within each of our campaigns, so as to derive the connect and follow up messaging that has the optimal performance. We then look to replicate what is working, eradicate what is under-performing and continually try new variants to continually improve the performance of our campaigns. Ultimately this allows us to aspire to then surpass getting connection ratios of 30%+ and response rates of 25%+