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If you are like most people; you probably struggle in finding ways to attract more clients via LinkedIn. Does this sound like you?…

And based on the title you might be asking yourself, “Could hosting live events on Linkedin actually do my business any good?”  

The answer to that is… A BIG FAT YES!!

If you are a B2B (business-to-business) business owner, entrepreneur, professional service provider, or salesperson; LinkedIn live events can be a goldmine for client acquisition, which is the ultimate treasure for a business.

Right now, with more people being online constantly (in addition to the circumstances COVID-19 has brought across), there’s no better time to host live events on LinkedIn to generate quality leads through value-based relationships between businesses and their potential clients. 

This feature helps raise the profile and presence of a business while bringing in a sense of accountability and trust with potential clients through associating the business with a name, a face, and a voice.

In a nutshell, what this feature does is…

  • Aids you in generating leads through creating a “Special Event” page (exclusively for the event you will now put work into planning) 
  • Invites your LinkedIn connections, and their connections (and so on), based on your target audience. Attendees can then easily register; officially marking them as being interested in being part of the event.

Gone are the days of culling through leads, connections, and previous event attendees only to upload one CSV after another to send your event invitations. 

Through LinkedIn Events, inviting followers and sharing invites with your connections is now only a few clicks away. YES, it really is that simple. Simple yet EFFECTIVE!!

Then again… there is more to it than just putting up a Linkedin event live.

Through LinkedIn’s inbuilt system that supports your venture in hosting this live event, you can attract your desired demographic ICP’s and open up the opportunity for conversation before, during, or after the event.

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It is imperative that you have an END-to-END process in converting your interested attendees to actual clients of your business…

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Once the event takes place it is crucial that you always follow up with the attendees via Email, LinkedIn, or Phone call asking if they have any questions or concerns regarding the event that took place and this can often kickstart a sale.

A lot goes into creating a successful funnel. Successful funnels do not just magically appear and generate amazing conversion rates overnight.

Attendee journeys and sales funnels must have the end goal of a conversion. The idea is to direct the attendee to the end goal through the most efficient and effective manner. 

It is impossible to discuss conversions without bringing about A/B testing into perspective!  

A/B testing is considered the most effective method of tweaking a sales funnel. It also allows you to tweak any event within the funnel to get the desired result that fits your campaign perfectly.

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Once you have performed A/B testing, you can successfully analyse the drop-off and conversion rates after the tweaks ( post changes/tweaks analysis) you’ve made and then make changes to the sales funnel accordingly.

By now the most common question we all have in our minds is, 

“How to run an effective LinkedIn Event & persuade high-value clients towards your business?”

People buy from people they know, like, and trust. Mostly, people buy from people they have built relationships with. It takes time and effort to build relationships online. 

The provided 2 simple step method can be followed after having an event; to attract more valuable conversations, leads & potential clients towards your business. It is very important however to remain consistent in following this process. 

If you’re struggling with getting new B2B leads using LinkedIn Events/Services and would like to generate 3-5 new business meetings a week without spending any money on ads; feel free to book in some time to talk to us.

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