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Do you want to increase the deliverability, open rates and engagement rates of your B2B prospecting?

Then you need to start paying attention to what social listening tools and human data enrichment can do for you! In terms of optimising the value gained from your outreach activity, that can be achieved via added layers of personalisation. 

Everyone knows the more personalised an email is, the higher the chance you have of receiving a response. Which is why human data enrichment and social listening are key in allowing organisation to apply hyper-personalisation at a degree of scale.

If you just stop for a second to consider the stats, in terms of the effects of added personalisation has on the output of your campaigns and the sales revenue they deliver.

You will quickly realise from the below, that the juice, is clearly worth the squeeze, when its a case of taking added time to capture unique elements of enriched data on your prospects.

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Personalisation and social listening complement each other in the sense that they both make the audience feel heard and included. A notion which everyone likes to be part of. So to begin with…

What is social listening?

Social listening compromises of not only monitoring what is being said about your brand but also being proactively engaged with the ongoings of the industry in order to gain valuable knowledge that can be used when making decisions regarding your business, your brand and your outreach strategy. 

This means that you should be actively listening to the questions that are being asked by consumers and potential customers, what is being said about your competitors, what problems are being discussed. Retrieving these details ultimately allows you to make the necessary adjustments to your sales process, product and outreach copy to meet the needs of your prospects. 

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What is human data enrichment?

Data enrichment itself is the process by which raw data is enhanced or refined to help companies achieve a deeper understanding of their prospect customers. Human data enrichment thereby is the refining of raw data that is done manually by a data team or an individual, The improved data which is far more detailed, allows companies to easily personalise unique emails or other forms of communication such as social selling as they already have a greater understanding of their individual prospects. This enables companies to receive higher levels of engagement across the board.

We Are Team Rocket, are lucky in this regard, in that we have our own extensive in-house data-enrichment team. Who focus solely on generating enriched, triple verified custom-data lists to empower each outreach campaigns we execute on behalf of our B2B clients. By planning to capture added unique segments of data on our clients prospects, it allows that information to be used/inserted as ‘snippets’ further down the line, within the body of our outreach campaigns be it via email or social. This ensures a uniqueness to our campaigns and level of hyper-personal that makes our messaging standout within an inbox, and prospects in this day and age of cluttered inboxes appreciate that they are seemingly being addressed as unique individuals, with unique interests and requirements rather than part of a more traditional mail merged campaign.

Why is hyper-personalisation so important?

If we are being completely honest, no one truly likes to be met by a cold hard sales pitch in person or online, so it is best to add pieces of personal or customised information to show that you genuinely care about the person you are corresponding with.

For growth marketing businesses like ours, social listening paired with human data enrichment gives us an edge when sending out cold outreach as we are able to add small snippets of information that allows us to make the typical generic email far more personalised. Every Tom, Dick & Harry will use basic snippets of personalisation in there copy such as prospects Names, Job Titles or Industry – but this is no longer enough, certainly not if you want to be a high-achiever in your growth. Instead of more advanced layers/segments of data enrichment are required to allow for personalisation elements that comment on your potential prospects behaviour or interests.

Here are some examples of a few that have been working wonders for us and our roster of clients here at Team Rocket.

🚀 Quoting {Locality} – Distance From Us To You

🚀Quoting their {Competitor’s Name}

🚀 Quoting The Name Of Prospect’s {Last Blog Post}

🚀Quoting The {Trending Word} On Their Profile

🚀Quoting Their {Bosses Name}

If you’d like to know the A/B test variances in results these have generated, compared to the same copy without them do get in touch and we’d be happy to take you through. The difference is truly vast!

Campaign Monitor states that emails with something as simple as a personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.

Through these types of simple personalised snippet additions, we are able to project to our clients prospects that we desire to connect with them beyond a surface level. 

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It also increases the deliverability of cold outreach. When sending emails at scale if the emails are too similar, there is a risk that the correspondent’s email inbox may mistake the cold outreach for SPAM mail and thereby stop them from receiving the information. By using social listening tools and adding personal details perhaps by quoting the prospects last relevant blog post title, there is a higher chance of the email to actually be sent and seen in the inbox as it indicates that an actual person is sending it and not a spammer. Statistically speaking according to Experian, a personalised email is likely to provide transactional rates that are 6x higher than non-personalised emails.

You are also more likely to receive a response when the person you are corresponding with thinks that they are communicating with a real person. According to Dynamic Yield Research, 62.26% of consumers feel “happy” and “excited” to respond to a personalized message from a retailer. A clear indication that compiling social listening and personalisation when sending cold outreach will have a positive outcome.

What social listening tools are available?

Apart from human data mining and enrichment, which is done manually you also have the option of using social listening tools. Currently 94% of prospects are active on social media expressing their views and opinions online. This is an opportunity that marketers can take advantage of in order to generate more leads and close more deals.

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Social listening can be done through the monitoring of blogs, social media posts or looking for keywords related to your brand. However, doing that on a large scale is time-consuming and for this reason, most businesses turn to social listening tools, such as Mention, Brandwatch and Awario to help track and add pieces of information in order to customise cold outreach per individual. 

Social listening tools such as the ones mentioned above mainly enable you to keep up with what is being said about your brand and business online, you are able to stay in tune with the market’s needs and solve problems as they arise. This ultimately helps you and your business form a notable reputation and also helps in building customer loyalty in the long term. 

Human data enrichment vs. social listening tools- how do they differ?

Every social listening tool has its own quirk and you have the ability to research and choose the best one for you. Awario, for example, is very versatile and has a Leads Module which is unique to that tool. It identifies prospective leads on social media and allows you to angle your products or services directly to them. As quoted by SmartInsights “it uses a description of your business to find social posts that express interest in purchasing a product similar to yours,” which is a useful tool for B2B as it facilitates finding leads.

However, social listening tools have a few shortcomings such as the inability to detect sarcasm. This means that it would take comments which are made to be positive as negative ones too. For example if someone posted a picture of them eating an ice cream with a caption stating you hate ice cream, the software would note it as a negative view even though it’s positive. Which is not the case with human data enrichment, as a real person would be mining for data and has the sense to detect what is actually being said and use it in an effective manner when sending out cold outreach.

Social listening tools may also not find the needed information as it is done on such a large scale and the sheer size may deter the accuracy of the data collected. Furthermore, even though social listening tools can help with B2B lead generation, it is far more compatible for the B2C market, as it is more of a communication channel and a platform for raising brand awareness. 

Human data enrichment on the other hand, holds an edge as it puts a human touch into the process and far more accordant with the B2B market. Yes, it is time-consuming but the information that is collected is more accurate, customisation for every client and more reliable which is a vital aspect to ensure your outreach is always on-point. Also when collecting information via platforms like LinkedIn, there are many limitations which have come into effect recently that restrict the use of automated software to capture and record unique segments of data. Therefore human data enrichment is a better alternative option when it comes to supporting B2B outreach and Social Listening Tools win the race when it comes to supporting B2C.

What does Rocket do?

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Here at Rocket we use different forms of personalisation to empower our outreach campaigns, extracted through human data enrichment. 

We ran an a/b test recently, in the form of a B2B email campaign that used bog-standard elements of personalisation for the first campaign and a B test that used the same copy but had a couple of extra hyper personalisation snippets included as additions.

The first campaign which contained general personalisation, included details such as the first name, company name and the job role, and this led to an open rate of 24% and 2.7% reply rate. 

The B test included elements of hyper-segmentation and hyper-personalisation researched by our data team, apart from just the general personalisation elements used in the A test it also included more unique hyper-personalisation elements, such as their bosses name and the locality of our clients HQ and theirs in the form of a distance in miles. This campaign ended up retaining an open rate of 54% and 5.3% reply rate.

When you consider this campaign went to 1000 prospects. This is a huge variance in terms of output. You can see the case study below, the campaign ultimately led to additional 40,000 GBP in new revenue for the client. Double what it would have been if hyper-personalisation was not used.

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Ultimately, the open rates and response rates drastically differ when using locality, distance from their office, and the mention of other employees within the company. Thereby showing that hyper-personalisation through human data enrichment has a far better impact on cold outreach.

Here’s another example of another hyper-personalised, custom-enriched-data campaign we executed for a client called Shopmium, part of the Quotient Technology group.

This was an account based marketing campaign that ultimately led to us booking 10 new face to face meetings for their sales team with an array of Unilever brands.

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Furthermore to show this is a trend and not a one off fluke, take a look at screenshot below, that shows a full array of data-enriched email campaign sequences we executed for this client to the FMCG sector and the results open rates and response rates, well above industry norms…

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To sum up… 

Personalisation and more so hyper-personalisation within all your cold outreach be it via email or social is critical if you want your business to stand out, and more so if you want the optimal returns for time and endeavour.

Within the world of B2B outreach, human data enrichment is the way to go, as the possibilities are endless in how it can be customised to suit you, your marketplace and ultimately to the best engagement of your prospects.

Ultimately though both social listening tools and human data enrichment will allow you to see an uprise in terms of traction from your outreach activity. As added personalisation will always give the reader the impression that they are being looked out for and wanted. This means that there will always be a much higher chance that prospects will reply positively.

This may not always be the case for everyone and every industry, so if you have read this far please do share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below when it comes to using social listening tools, data-enrichment tools and human-data-enrichment methods. Particularly in regard to how that data is used to improve and empower your outreach activity.

By We Are Team Rocket (Authored By Viraji Gamage & Tom Simpson)

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