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We Are Team Rocket is a B2B Growth Marketing agency that specialises in providing 'Done For You' and 'Done With You' - demand generation & lead generation solutions to scale your outreach and automate your top-of-funnel. In a nutshell, we will get you in front of your dream prospects, with the right message at the right time.

Given that we execute outbound marketing funnels, and given that we are coming at this from a standing start - it takes time for the funnel effect to aggregate. As until prospects connect we cannot follow up, and until hundreds and then thousands of follow-ups are flowing out via Linkedin/Email - you don’t see that full compound effect of the funnel aggregating. It's usually between months 3-4 that you'll start to see the funnel leveling off, with the maximum velocity of connections, responses, leads, and meetings dropping. This is then built upon via ongoing a/b tests and optimisations to further enhance the funnel metrics and output.

As described above, you will only see the full effect and impact of our outbound funnels between months 3-4. However even in month 1 you will still see lots of connections, responses, leads, and the occasional meeting dropping in.

We take a hybrid approach when building out the dream prospect universes on behalf of our clients, to ensure their campaigns are powered with the best and most accurate ICP audience data.

As a dual-location company headquartered in the UK but with operational offices in Sri Lanka - it allows us to have a large in-house team of 20+ researchers, data-enrichment specialists, and custom-list builders. This team is also equipped with the latest and greatest tools and software so that they can take a hybrid approach to custom-building hyper-relevant and hyper-accurate custom-data lists. Whilst their access to tools like ZoomInfo, Cognism, Apollo, and Sales Navigator acts as a great starting place to formulate target lists - none of these tools are reliable enough by themselves to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and deliverability - as people often move around, especially during recessions and often up to 15% of the data within these tools can be out of date.

This is where the human element comes in, along with additional layers of verification. Depending upon the level of service our clients subscribe to, our internal data team runs rigorous checks to verify the validity of each company and prospect target, running line-by-line checks to ensure they still work at that company and are still in that role, as well as utilising three layers of email verification to ensure that campaign emails will make it to their inboxes.

These levels of verification and accuracy have become paramount, in the realms of outbound marketing to ensure email health and reputation are maintained, and to ensure LinkedIn targeting is on point, given the inherent monthly limitations when working within the confines of LinkedIn. Additionally, having been in the B2B lead generation, and database building arena for over a decade, we also have the luxury of having a centralised internal database of companies and prospects, that are hyper-segmented in particular across verticals of FMCG, CPG, Retail, SaaS, Agencies and IT verticals, providing us with a short-cut to getting you to market. Any of our clients, also have the option of providing us with specific lists of companies - for us to rapidly enrich, clenase, and aggregate the ideal decision-makers with their verified contact records to power our campaigns.

This can also involve us identifying and enriching look-a-likes by running trends analysis on the given lists.

Yes as standard we ask for a 6-month initial commital period of activity, post onboarding. Given that outbound funnels typically take 3-4 months to aggregate and compound, It is crucial to understand and stick with the process, so that ROI can be unveiled via an incremental build-out of your sales pipeline through our activity. Plus you have to factor in your own sales cycle to the unveiling of ROI from our lead gen endeavors - as to the typical time-frame a meeting goes to a proposal and a proposal closes to a deal.

We always have an initial period of 2-4 weeks of what we call “onboarding and immersion” which allows us to lay the foundations for a successful partnership. With this period we first immerse ourselves into your proposition, and your ideal customer profile (ICP), plan out the optimal campaign strategies, aggregate the required prospect data, and build out the messaging cadences. We also handle the technical aspects of ensuring the email accounts / LinkedIn personas are optimised, warmed up and integrated into our systems.

The entire premise of our service is to take on the burden of top-of-funnel lead generation. Once campaigns are live the only time we will require from you comes in the form of bi-weekly or monthly check-ins - where we jointly analyse the metrics and returns from our campaigns, so that we can jointly plot and strategise a/b tests and optimisations.

As a UK-registered business, we are committed to ensuring full compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We meticulously adhere to data protection laws, implementing robust measures to safeguard the privacy and rights of individuals.

Our practices include securely storing and managing data, and providing transparency in our processes. When it comes to our outreach campaign activity executed on your behalf to B2B prospects, we adhere to the policy of 'legitimate interest' ensuring our outreach is personalised and relevant to the prospect decision makers' responsibilities - all of our email outreach also includes an opt-out/unsubscribe as standard along with the necessary small print as to how our data is sourced. Rest assured, your data is handled with the utmost care and in accordance with GDPR standards.
Having been at the forefront of the B2B lead-gen space for over a decade, we know better than anyone that results will vary from client to client based on the strength of your product, collateral, case-studies, testimonials, product-market fit, the competitiveness of the arena you play in, the size of your prospect universe, your pricing and the authority of your brand in the industry. For these reasons, it's insensitive for any lead gen agency to predict or guarantee a finite number of leads or meetings.

What we can guarantee, is we will get you in front of exactly the right decision-makers, with the best possible messaging, wherever possible ensuring we are doing so at the right time, when they are actively in the market to buy Additionally, what our 10+ years of experience in the sector have taught us is the top-of-funnel metrics we need to target ourselves on to ensure that we ultimately drive significant levels of ROI for our clients, once funnels mature and once your natural sales cycles play out.

As with the right targeting and optimal messaging and ongoing a/b testing and optimisation what we do have control over is delivering the highest possible levels of open rates, connect rates, click rates, response rates, response to lead ratios, and lead to meeting ratios. Visit our 'Why Choose Us' & 'Methodology Page' to see the indicative top-of-funnel metrics that we hold ourselves accountable to hit and surpass.

All the data we aggregate for our clients to power the campaigns we execute on your behalf, we do so transparently to ensure we are always 100% aligned, getting you in front of exactly the prospects you want to be talking to. This means you can access and utilise the audiences we build internally to upload to your CRM, power internal SDR activity or empower your inbound.

Our core USPs relate to our hybrid approach to how we; 1. Go about systematically building out your prospect universe, by sourcing data through manual research and human data enrichment combined with a data team enabled with the ability to harness the utilisation and combination of the best data sourcing and verification tools on the market. 2.

Preference the execution of omnichannel outreach campaigns, that are joined up with one another, in order to drive the maximum levels of engagement, intrigue, and responses. This has become almost essential as prospects inboxes become more and more saturated and it becomes harder and harder to stand out. 3. Preference for the execution of intent-empowered outreach campaigns, over cold outreach, to ensure our approaches centers on the lowest hanging opportunities, to account and prospects that are in-market, with budgets and live pain points relating to the product/service/solution that you provide.

The optimal handover point is for whenever a prospect bites, by responding, thus entering into conversation via Email or LinkedIn - these get quickly picked up and responded to by your internal team. This is because your team ultimately knows your product/solution best, so they are best equipped to answer questions, and nurture responses for the win.

That said, the cadences we script, are designed for prospects to directly schedule demos and appointments wherever possible, but there will be many prospects that respond with questions, referrals, and even soft responses. We set up the internal workflows to ensure that whenever responses drop your team is quickly notified via email and Slack - so that they can jump in on the conversation while it is hot. We also provide training to all our clients on nurturing best practices, as this is a key part of the process for our joint success. Where clients don't have the internal teams or capacity to nurture responses appropriately we separately have the ability to provide full-time dedicated SDRs.

On sign-up, an account manager, and a data lead will be assigned to your account as full-time POCs. Your account will also be supervised by our head of customer success from a strategy and performance perspective.

Yes. You'll immediately on sign up gain access to a live dashboard that breaks down the onboarding steps, and that once live will centrally track all connections, responses, and growth metrics. Additionally, at the end of each month, you will receive a hard-copy report that breaks down the granular metrics of campaign performance.

We have multiple protocols and automated workflows in place to ensure that when a response drops, it is automatically pulled through to the central dashboard, as well as ensuring you receive a notification via email and/or Slack. Revealing who has replied, where they work, what they have said a link to their profile/email. Thus ensuring expedited and efficient responses to ensure conversations have the maximum chance of continuation.

Quality is our priority. We employ a multi-step verification process, utilising both automated tools and manual checks to ensure that the prospects entering your funnel fit your ICP criteria, we also transparently share and sign off said audience ahead of launch, ensuring we are completely aligned. This ensures that you receive leads that are not only numerous but also highly relevant.

Yes, we understand the importance of seamless integration. Our team is experienced in working with a variety of CRM systems. We ensure that the leads generated seamlessly integrate into your existing processes, making it easy for your sales team to follow up and convert leads into customers.

Yes. We are an official Hubspot agency partner, allowing us to not only to integrate our lead funnel and data assets into your Hubspot platform seamlessly. We are also in a position to procure you bespoke discounts if you are a first-time user, as well as systematically work with you to ensure you get the maximum out of your Hubspot journey and pipeline velocity in partnership with Team Rocket.

We employ a range of key performance indicators (KPIs) tailored to your specific goals and related to the funnel metrics we have control over via the right targeting and optimal messaging and a/b testing. These may include; email open rates, email click rates, email response rates, email bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, LinkedIn connect ratios, LinkedIn response rates, LinkedIn followers driven per month, LinkedIn post engagement.

As well as overall volumes of responses, positive responses and negative responses, and responses to meeting ratios. As our funnels aggregate and compound and as your natural sales cycle from 1st meeting completes we will work with you to track and report against pipeline opportunity revenue driven, deals won, revenue driven, and ROI.

Regular reporting and analysis against such metrics allow us to refine and optimise strategies for ongoing success.

Across our ten-year tenure, we have vast amounts of experience and successful track records in delivering incremental and sustained ROI in support of agencies, SaaS companies, Technology Companies, IT companies, and manufacturing & construction businesses. From a targeting perspective, we also have vast amounts of experience in successfully prospecting FMCG, CPG, consumer goods, retail, and software/SaaS companies. That said our methodologies are industry agnostic, and we have experience under our belts in supporting business across almost every B2B sector.

Our roster of global clientele spans 4 continents and 30+ countries. We have the ability to aggregate data and deliver lead funnels in any country. Whilst be headquartered in the UK, with our initial growth centred in the UK, we are now a multi-location business with staffing across different time-zones who understand the nuances of targeting prospects in different countries and verticals.

All our lead generation solutions operate on a retainer basis, which is dictated but the level of service we are providing in terms of volumes of outreach, the number of personas we are managing activity from, and whether we are utilising intent data and content curation as part of the strategy. We offer customized packages to ensure that you receive optimal value for your investment.

Yes. It is essential, that if we are running LinkedIn outreach campaigns for your then the LinkedIn account(s) we are basing the outreach activity from is activated with a Sales Navigator license. This ensures we can do the maximum levels of monthly outreach, as well as having access to the full array of audience targeting filters. If this is your first time signing up for a subscription, your first month will be free, or we can send you a referral link for the first 2 months to be free.

Yes. A big chunk of our roster is enterprise clientele. Whom for we execute demand generation and lead generation campaigns across multiple managed LinkedIn personas and email accounts (often 20+), ensuring we can work at even great scales and levels of personalisation to ensure growth into multiple geographies and market segments as required.


In the first week of our engagement, there are just 3 main asks from you, which ultimately enable and empower us to get everything in place for launch. We have a slick onboarding process and we simply get you to:

1. Populate our copy-writer survey

2. Populate our ICP targeting prioritisation survey

3. Populate the G-Drive space with set-up with your digital assets to fast-track our immersion. In terms of, what's required from your side, just in that first four weeks of onboarding, we follow a quite simple process of setting up a Google Drive space for you to upload assets and collateral that you think we would need to power our copy and to immerse ourselves.

Team Rocket are specialist in implementing outbound marketing funnels via LinkedIn and Email. Where possible we prefer an omni-channel approach utilising both channels in syndication. Once funnels are delivering we also preference the addition of running matched-audience re-targeting ads to the same prospect pool powering our cold outreach and intent-based outreach campaigns for maximum engagement and effect.

Our team of experienced copy-for-conversation copywriters have over a decade of centralised experience in knowing exactly what type of messaging, subject lines, connection requests, call-to-actions, hooks, campaign strategies, and collateral works best across different industries and decision-maker types.

Our slick onboarding process that has you populate your digital assets and historic activity on the G-Drive we set up, and the completion of our copy-writer survey - allows our writers to rapidly immerse themselves in your business and prospect universe in a way that crystalizes your USPs, and the pain points of your buyer persona's. We also encourage our copywriters to also always have a pitching call with your head of sales, so we can hear and learn firsthand exactly how you pitch your product/service from cold.
Here at We Are Team Rocket, we are dedicated to getting our clients in front of the right prospects, within the right target companies, with the best possible messaging, at exactly the time when companies are in-market to buy. We look to do this at scale, and we look to automate exactly this type of outbound funnel to ensure our client's pipelines are fuelled with a continual influx of connections, conversations, leads, meetings and opportunities.

As a channel partner of Bombora, wherever possible we look to execute intent-empowered outreach campaigns, often running in parallel to cold outreach campaigns so as to ensure maximum overall traction, levels of personalisation, timing, and ROI. We have found intent-empowered outreach campaigns to always outperform cold outreach, however, cold-outreach campaigns will also always have their place for awareness and wider penetration.

Our philosophy seeks to unlock our clients from having to focus on top-of-funnel activities, instead, we empower their internal sales teams to be able to focus purely on what they have been hired to do, namely nurture and close deals. Our team has comprehensive experience across data, campaign strategies, copy-for-conversation copywriting, customer success, and funnel automation - bringing these skillsets together through our service and product offering allows us to achieve the above and deliver predictable revenue streams for our clientele.

The LinkedIn social selling cadences crafted by our copywriters are usually comprised of a sequence of 5-7 follow-ups which get sent out over a period of a few months. We also script 4 connect messages variants that we a/b test in parallel to find the champion. Our LinkedIn cadences tend to be short succinct and conversational in tone, with the underlying purpose of trying to elicit a response, start a conversation, and ultimately harvest leads and book demos/meetings.

The email cadences crafted by our copywriters are usually comprised of a sequence of 3-5 follow-ups which get sent out over a period of a few months. We also script 2 subject line variants for each email which we a/b test in parallel to find the champion. Our email cadences tend to be longer, more formal, and informative in tone, with the underlying purpose of trying to drive intrigue, illicit a response, start a conversation, and ultimately harvest leads and book demos/meetings.

We don't offer free trials, however ahead of sign-up we do provide a free ICP analysis, in order to uncover the size of your prospect universe, and the best ways to capture them. We also provide a free demo and sample of intent data, so you can see a glimpse of live in-market accounts and understand how intent data can become part of your outreach strategy and workflow.

The reason why we don't provide free trials is because its ultimately the first few months of work, where the foundations of success are laid, and its those first few months where we have to apply vast amounts of resources to immerse, strategise campaigns, aggregate your prospect universe, script the campaign messaging, optimising your social presence and inboxes, set-up all the integrations and automation and dashboard - all of these foundations to your campaigns come at a significant cost and are completed by in-house experts.

No. As a scaling business with an in-house, in-office team of 40+ full-time staff, each expert in their own discipline across data, marketing, copywriting, growth, and automation - whom serve a roster of retained global clientele ranging from start-ups, through to SMEs right the way through to enterprise corporations - it's not logical or conceivable to offer leads on a pay on performance basis as we would always be assigning and preferencing said resource and expertise to our retainer-based clients as a priority. Thus it is not in our interest to provide nor yours to receive a less-than-optimal level of service and resourcing,

As well as being able to view all responses centrally on the live dashboard, ordered hierarchy, and atop of the monthly campaign metric reports - we also provide clients with the ability to access the campaigns within our automation platforms, if they wish to have a live granular view of day to day activity.

Both with the campaign data we aggregate, and the campaign sequences we ideate and script, we build them out in live documents and templates, so that it is easy for you to review, comment and tweak ahead of sign-off. Only once the audience and campaign sequence is signed off and approved by you, do we push the go button.

Absolutely. We understand that each industry has unique challenges and requirements. Our experienced team tailors lead generation strategies to align with the nuances of your industry, ensuring a targeted and effective approach. Our methodologies are industry agnostic and across our 10+ year tenure we have worked with almost every type of B2B business.

Yes. Within our LinkedIn social selling plans, you can choose the frequency of LinkedIn posts that you would like us to curate, create, and post on your behalf once approved. These will then systematically get posted to your LinkedIn profile newsfeed and company page news feedback. The value of frequent posting goes hand in hand with our core outreach strategy of growing your followers, connections, and pipeline. Ensuring incremental organic value as more and more ICP prospects see the content.

Whilst the majority of our outreach campaigns are scripted in English, based on the fact that is the native tongue of our experienced team of copywriters. We do also execute campaigns multi-lingually into various countries. We tend to start our campaign activity in English and once delivered, have them professionally translated as required.