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This is a “How To” and it’s all about Starting an Email: 

In Formula 1, from driver to driver the racing line is different. The line they choose will decide if they are going to crash and burn or make amazing Sunday afternoon moves. 

Similarly that’s how important your intro line is since it’s the first impression where your prospects decide whether or not to give your cold email a chance.

If you need higher open and reply rates, the most essential skill is to learn how to start an email which will ultimately result in conversions.

You’ll learn the following, in this article,

  • Email Intros, and why you should spend time on it
  • Titanic wasn’t the best icebreaker but we’ll show you ways to find inspiration & write awesome icebreakers

15 Examples of email opening sentences

Email Intros…why are they important?

Simply, this is one the first things your prospects see, along with your name and your subject line. 

Twice as much is its influence:

  1. “The deciding factor” – whether or not your prospects opens the email
  2. What sort of first impression you are going to leave, if they continue to read your message
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The end goal is to make your prospects feel the need, the need to open your email without thinking that they are just another person on your list.

Let’s put it to the test, if you saw this email in your inbox, how would you feel?

No alt text provided for this image

*Scrolls down*, right?

“Me and my company talk” will not lead to anything, because it is nothing relevant for the prospect.

Check this one out;

No alt text provided for this image

Different, yeah.

You are eager to know more about what someone says, when they mention that they love your work.

That is why, unlike the first message, I will open and continue to read this email. And so did the 90% of people who received it.

Catching their attention and leaving a good first impression is your goal, it always has been. The intro line game is so important because it helps the ice to melt and to lower the prospect’s guard down.


Multiple ways to start an email

When writing opening lines, the inspiration you need is out there in a lot of places. So are you ready to make those Amazing Sunday Afternoon Moves 🙂

Here are few:

  1. LinkedIn, Their recent activities or their comments
  2. Social Media or Online Communities
  3. Recommendations & Referrals
  4. Buying signals (e.g. job ad to hire more SDRs which means they are scaling and are in need of a cold email tool to grow their client base)
  5. Online common topics & interests among the two of you

How to mold powerful email intro lines? Let’s say that I’m chasing 3 different outcomes:

  1. To sell my Product / Service
  2. To ignite a conversation with a prospect
  3. to Invite somebody to my podcast

Let’s begin with Numero Uno. For this, you can use a relevant Facebook community as leverage, Growth Marketing + for example. You can open the group and play with the built in search filters relevant to your business. For instance, “outreach”, “Cold Calling” or “Email Deliverability”.

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If you have a specific prospect in your target audience and if they too are a part of this community, then you can filter for their posts only or search their name within “”.

No alt text provided for this image

Afterwards, you might stumble upon a post like this;

No alt text provided for this image

Now this is your opportunity, and there’s a chance for you to be a bit more direct. So you can go with something like:

No alt text provided for this image

If I connect it with a teasing subject line and make sure my content delivers, I am Golden. And of course, Rocket will be one of the growth strategies I’ve used.

To add a bit more context and make Nicholas feel you really understand the challenges in that growth stage, you can potentially add a video link or send an article in the rest of the email.

Like the following;

We Are Team Rocket | Rocket Your B2B Growth through Best-In-Class Data, Marketing & Sales Automation

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