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You don’t get second chances to make a first impression, even on LinkedIn!

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You don’t get second chances to make a first impression, even on LinkedIn!

This blog contains LinkedIn Growth methodologies which we ourselves have created, refined and continue to test.  Ensuring our client’s optimised profiles to stand out above their competitors and obtain more connections, more leads, more meetings, more conversions, more clients and ultimately more new business opportunities.


The team at Rocket decided to share our knowledge, hacks and expertise that are working for our clients right now.


Of course, if it gets too much or you feel your sales team could benefit from our support and you still require professional services please do refer to our ‘Done For You’ LinkedIn Growth Packages that have given some of our clients a staggering 4264% Growth Rate, 1440 new connections, 180 New Leads within 12 months.



The worst thing a business can do right now… is go quiet.





So if you are looking for expert advice from guys that not only do this day in and day out but stay up-to-date by researching analytics and algorithms as well as conducting thousands of a/b tests to get the best results then stay tuned… because we are giving our LinkedIn Growth strategies away for FREE. (With not a dam string attached!) No Subscription, Never requesting a referral, Not even a call to action.


Here is the ultimate list and as we are humble enough to say that, if we have missed anything, please do comment below and let us know.


So let’s Go!

LinkedIn Growth Hack #1.


That part was already covered on LinkedIn as the first hack which covers all the basics. To access those basics feel free to head over to Linkedin here.


LinkedIn Growth Hack #2.


Sound approachable. Not often but always. First-person is always recommended as more interactive and inviting, although some professionals prefer a third-person summary. While retaining your professionalism, sound like someone your version of a dream clients and other potential connections would like to meet. Avoid jargon, unless you are only seeking business opportunities for which such jargon is expected (i.e., only outsiders use the long form of a phrase)


LinkedIn Growth Hack #3.


Write how people read. Everyone reads differently on screens and devices. So remember short paragraphs with easily digestible words are always a better choice. If your role is highly complex, don’t dumb it down, but strive to make it readable.


LinkedIn Growth Hack #4.


Include keywords artfully. Job descriptions can help you define the keywords and concepts that are relevant to your audience. Don’t stuff your profile with keywords, but make sure to include them so you are found in a keyword search based on your target market.


LinkedIn Growth Hack #5.


Reflect accomplishments. If information is or can be made public, include anything that constitutes “bragging rights” of your achievements. Don’t show off, but don’t undersell yourself either. In general, try to quantify your accomplishments in a meaningful way that demonstrates you bring results.


LinkedIn Growth Hack #6.


Proofread vigilantly. I have seen profiles of high-level executives with typos in their headlines. Need I say more? Yes, I will say more. Put descriptions of prior roles in past tense. Make sure dates match your portfolio. Keep capitalization and punctuation consistent. If you have multiple entries, have them match (e.g., Master of Science and Bachelor of Arts, not M.S. and Bachelor of Arts). Print out your profile, and keep proofing until you can’t stand it anymore. Start at the bottom and read up if it eases the burden.


LinkedIn Growth Hack #7.


Delete irrelevant information. As you are completing your proofreading, delete the Twitter account you never use and website from two jobs ago. Remove your high school, unless it’s a highly recognizable one that will help you make connections. Consider streamlining previous business ventures, roles and positions unless they contain valuable keywords or experience that explains your current career narrative.

Now the last two we kept for last because it requires your undivided attention. So make sure you have taken care of all of the above and when you’re ready, come back to this blog to prepare for the 2 most important and vital hacks to make you stand out, and make sure to look out for the bonuses we are further giving away to provide more value in return for nothing but your success.


LinkedIn Stats-Analytics


LinkedIn Growth Hack #8.


Be active. Activity on LinkedIn raises your score in algorithmic search results (user engagement is good for the platform and an essential element of LinkedIn’s business model). Post relevant information! Comment and “like” others’ contributions, either publicly or within relevant groups. LinkedIn is not Facebook; business-oriented posts set the right tone! If you have a flair for writing, consider adding an article on LinkedIn Pulse. A relevant article or well-placed comment that garners respect from the right audience could be the start or growth of a great business relationship.


Our recommendations is to have a regular post conversation with your audience every day. We use tools to provide our clients with a consistent flow of organic reactions that drive these posts to the top of other’s feeds. We further advise to boost your most influential posts that have the capacity to go viral. Get them out there to your audience! Allow others to see how knowledgeable you are in your trade. And finally WRITE ARTICLES!!! If you don’t have the confidence to write professional articles surrounding your trade, then get them done for you.


This is where it gets interesting so we changed the font size just so you don’t miss the point.




LinkedIn Growth Hack #9. Turn viewers into followers


Strangers who come across your profile on LinkedIn are more likely to follow you than to connect with you. This is why it’s useful to change your default CTA button on your profile to ‘Follow’ instead of ‘Connect.’


Changing the button can grow your network faster, and lead to more engagement. Plus, once people follow you, you can personally reach out and invite them to connect as well.


For every first degree connection, you add, you instantly gain hundreds of 2nd-degree connections and thousands of 3rd-degree connections.


And if one of your connections likes a post of yours, all of their connections have the potential to see that update, so when you increase your connections by one, you’re actually increasing your network by thousands.


This is why one of the greatest ways to increase engagement is to actively boost your connections. Target influential people, thought leaders, and other key professionals in your industry.


Make sure you send a personal connection request each time! 


You can mention a person, group, or hobby in common, or simply let them know why you’d like to connect. Including a personal touch increases the odds of your request being accepted.


There are three types of content you can create directly on LinkedIn:


  • Posts – this is short content, such as status updates and quick shares


  • Videos – you can directly upload video files to LinkedIn


  • Articles – LinkedIn Publisher enables you to publish long-form articles (as mentioned above, contact us for support)


Posts on LinkedIn don’t work the same as other social media sites – while visuals rule on most platforms, it’s not the case here. Text-only posts, according to research, tend to outperform all other options.


You have up to 1300 characters for each post, but the first 2–3 lines are critical because everything after this is hidden unless the viewer clicks ‘…see more.’


Formatting is important. Use shorter sentences, spacing, and emojis to break up the post. No one wants to read a wall of text.


One of the biggest mistakes people also make is sharing links to external articles or websites. Instead of including a link in your post, put it in the first comment.


Back in 2017, Guy Kawasaki ran an A/B test on two posts: one had the link in the post, the other had it in the first comment. The second one had 3x as many views. So let me repeat what I just said: Instead of including a link in your post, put it in the first comment.


While your profile can be further tweaked to promote your experience, personal value proposition and other variables, these universal hacks set the foundation for increased credibility and discoverability on LinkedIn.


Always Be Connecting!

Tom Simpson
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