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Let’s get straight to the point,

  • Do you think “lead generation” is worth the time and effort?

Well, it is the process of attracting and converting probable prospects into potential quality customers.

  • Can you completely trust lead generation agencies? 

Again, they’re businesses that help other businesses to become more efficient and successful by delivering qualified leads which eventually turn into potential customers. 

  • Will the results be promising? Or a flop?

Because lead generation is the first step in the sales funnel, both quality and quantity are important factors. Quality leads don’t happen overnight, it’s time-consuming to generate quality leads. Therefore, BE PATIENT!!! Leads are around the corner.

If you’re uncertain about these questions or you’re already facing these issues, following a few simple steps can help to avoid/overcome them. Following are main questions to consider before you hunt for a lead generation agency in the market;

  1. What suits you best? quality or quantity? 
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This is a question you have to ask yourself/colleagues before committing to outsourcing lead generation, whether you want volume? or quality leads?

Pay-per-lead agencies or by appointment can offer leads in volume but are they all appropriate fit for you? Since these firms are getting paid lead basis, they are encouraged to send many leads and set up as many appointments as they can. 

Agencies that follow a retainer commercial structure on the other hand who offer pay-as-you-go services, will bring more quality leads that will turn into potential meetings as they are well incentivised and know the risk of losing the renewal. In this way, you can be certain that the leads are quality and not leads that bring no gain for the business.

2. How far can you narrow down your buyer persona?

Buyer persona refines your marketing effort and streamlines the sales process. It is crucial to segregate strict lead criteria during an onboarding process, to name specific industries, geographical regions, company headcounts, and job roles that differ from prospect to prospect and company to company.

Therefore it is vital to strategise and plan the outreach with people who are experienced in the lead generation arena. Recognizing the importance of understanding your buyers and how to find most qualified leads and decision-makers should be exhaustively done by the agency you pick depending on the information you provide them. 

3. Do you want the campaign to be automated or manually done?

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This is a tough one but the ball is completely in your court. Talking about prospects, it might often happen that it takes more than days or months to find accurate prospects for you, therefore considering all these factors you should decide on the above question.

Manual lead generation is somewhat a trouble-causing concept and also a very time consuming process which requires many human hours as it has to execute a series of manual researches and conduct the campaign. As time is a scarce resource It is essential that time is well utilised.  

In the same manner, you can automate your own lead generation for bringing up more accuracy as well as to define speed. The campaigns are executed automatically via automation frameworks, along with other tools and software. And most importantly the main advantage of automation is it allows you to perform various other campaigns on top of the main campaign as well.

4. How busy are you? Do you have the time to follow up? 

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You can expect to see low client answer rates and high reschedule rates during the follow up process since many of the new client relationships have no interest in your product or having 1:1 meetings.

There are enough and number of reasons to show the importance of following up with positive leads/potential clients, and there are number of instances where we miss out or neglect following up. It doesn’t matter the medium you choose to follow-up, the simple idea working behind is, without delays providing necessary information to persuade potential clients.

5. Do you provide a simple or a complex service/product?

When choosing an outsourced lead generation service, you need to identify if a pay-per-lead or lead agency with a flat based fee is what will represent your brand better.

Outsourcing to pay-per-lead lead gen. companies that are the cheaper option but they do not take the time to fully learn your product. Therefore you need to identify if the product or service you are trying to market is one that is simple and easily understood by the agency as well as the target audience.

Agencies with monthly/annual pay-as-you-go services are much likely to provide a better service as the reps are being well incentivized and also they take necessary steps to immerse into your company, to your methodologies and finally to your product or service. Most importantly they’re more likely to understand their responsibilities and objectives to bring potential customers towards your business.

6. Are you ready to get exposed?

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Before signing off it is important that you provide sufficient clear, concise & effective information to the agency since they’ll be performing campaigns on behalf of you representing your business & brand. 

Again with pay-per-lead agencies, you often than not get to look through into how exactly do they get the lead or the meeting, you’ll only see the meeting appointment as the final result. This also means that you do not have access to the data they’ve extracted for your campaign. This is a very risky and dangerous approach for the brand.

On the other hand working with a pay-as-you-go agency, allows you to gain complete ownership of the data as well as access to the live dash board of leads to get live updates to see how different campaigns are performing, their connection rates, their response rates, how the email subject lines are working etc. which allows you to keep a track on everything.

7. Do you strategise based on the insight you gather from campaigns? 

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Having statistics of historic campaigns are always a key to better plan, strategies & run future sales/marketing campaigns as you can avoid misdirection’s. This is where the importance of outsourcing your sales outreach to a reputable lead generation agency comes into play, where a proper training in segmentation and personalisation of salespeople is concerned.

Pay-per-lead agencies are only focused or rather incentivised in providing as many sales meetings as possible and not weekly/monthly insights of the campaigns to better plan ahead.

Whereas pay-as-you-go services providing agencies are much more likely to deliver the most accurate results which makes it easier for the client to identify trends in data and determine current & future sales outreach strategies to plan ahead the future outreach campaigns.


With the large number of lead generation companies present in the market today, it isn’t easy to find the perfect fit for you or that gives you the best return for your money. 

If you’re looking to save on qualified leads, pay-for-performance/pay-per-lead might be the best option for you as the pay-as-you-go method isn’t effective for companies that aren’t interested in large volumes of cheap leads. It should also be noted that there will be some risk involved for such companies using the previously mentioned method. 

If you expect sustainable utility for your sales pipeline, go with the firm that delivers quality leads who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. 

By choosing to invest in lead generation experts such as 🚀Rocket🚀who prioritize value over volume. Our mission is to support ambitious B2B businesses in hitting and surpassing their growth targets.

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As part of our service, we create and execute creative marketing approaches to educate, engage and drive action. We consult and collaborate with our clientele to devise marketing strategies, which complement and integrate with their overall overarching strategy.

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