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There is a misunderstanding amongst the majority of people that marketing and sales are only about closing deals. But in truth, there’s so much work that goes into building up to that phase; one has to research, one has to find prospects, and then conduct outreach campaigns prior to even thinking about closing deals.

During these outreach campaigns, the sales team has to proactively attempt to schedule appointments with prospective clients, which many of you know is a challenging task mainly because there is no right way of doing it. No one is usually willing to give up their time for a meeting easily – it takes a lot of effort and conviction from the sales team’s end to ensure a meeting takes place.

Anyone in sales will understand the benefits and importance of getting appointments but the right work and effort must be put in continuously in order to achieve targets. Getting those meetings with qualified leads is not complicated, but if there is NO proper plan in place, it could end up costing a lot of time and effort with no results. And any Sales Development Representative (SDR) will know how frustrating and demotivating it is when you do so much and there aren’t any visible results.

Here are some tips we have put together for you and your sales team to bring in those meetings so you can rocket your business through the roof and to the stars!

  1. Research about your ideal customer profile – Personalise your outreach
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Ideal customer profile (ICP) means the type of potential customers that would benefit the most out of your product or service. 

Asking your target audience to schedule a meeting via outreach sounds very common and most prospects tend to just open it or leave such an email unread. Personalising your emails will bring a sense of exclusivity to them.

Email personalisation will require you to have a substantial amount of information about the prospect at hand. You have to carry out a decent amount of research to gather details of prospects by going through their profiles on either websites or LinkedIn and other social platforms.

Have a look at the industry they currently work in; their company, job titles, company achievements, and what they publish on networking platforms as their personal interests. If you manage to find topics that interest them to initiate a conversation, there is a high chance you will get more positive responses. When you present yourself as a sales representative who has done their homework and is knowledgeable and prepared with regards to a prospect and his requirements; the prospect will definitely pay attention to your pitch. 

Your personalised outreach message (or call) will define the prospect’s first impression of you, which is the most important part of catching their attention and eventually their trust. Because no matter how valuable your product or service is, if your email stays ignored, you will miss out big time.

2. Approach the right audience – Know your ICP!

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A Sales Representative or a Growth Marketer, your goal is to book meetings with QUALIFIED leads, which would then take you to the next part of the sales process, and that is converting leads to prospective clients. Along with that comes the desire to set up a meeting as quickly as possible.

However, it is really important for the SDRs not to put all their effort and time into booking meetings with, with the intention of increasing the number of meetings booked as no one will want to spend their valuable time and put in effort into introducing their product or service to an unqualified lead who would not have any use for it. 

Hence, having a proper definition in place of your company’s ICP will increase your chances of getting more meetings as well as it will help your client growth manager convert them to clients and bring in new business more efficiently.

3. Approach and pitch gradually – Have patience!

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As SDRs, we have to keep in mind that majority of the prospects we reach out to will always have an inflow of emails/messages to their inbox with sales pitches. More often than not, sales reps jump the gun too soon by requesting to book a meeting in a conversation and end up disappointed when the prospect loses their interest.

You should always keep in mind to keep the first two emails or calls (or any type of approach) towards building a bond with prospects first. Keep chatting with the prospect keeping your ‘sales-y’ pitch away. You have to stimulate their interest in you by paying attention to their needs. The first attribute to win as a salesperson is by being an active listener to their pain points in business and thinking of ways how you can pitch your offering as a solution to their challenges.

Similarly, you should not be overbearing in any way, or else you might lose the prospect. Instead, you have to try your best to focus on providing the right information that the prospect needs. Take your time and ask questions so that the conversation flows in the right direction. Also, make sure to keep the conversation in the business space because no one would want to share any personal information with a complete stranger. With a gradual approach, you will be able to understand whether the prospect has a requirement that your company can cater to and whether they are at an adequate business level to budget for what you offer.

Make sure to share the case studies your company has done for other clients, as it is a major advantage of winning anyone’s interest. When prospects know that other people found your offering helpful, it piques their interest, and they are more likely to want to give it a shot. Show them how others benefited from your product or service.  Give examples with numbers because decision-makers like to see big working numbers so that they can consider how to implement your services or product in their business lives. And the result will be that they will more likely book a meeting ASAP and will make sure to attend the appointment to learn more about your company.

4. Send reminders and keep in touch after they book a meeting – Follow up!

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It does not stop when you see the meeting booking confirmation, because if the lead does not show up to the meeting, all your efforts of the booking will go to waste and you will be left disappointed. Especially in B2B appointment setting, you will have to follow up with the lead to remind them about the meeting.

Send follow-ups and do your best to stay on top of the leads’ mind so that they don’t forget about the appointment they have with you. Because if they forget, they could make plans on top of the meeting and eventually end up as a no-show or canceling or postponing the meeting. As SDRs, we wouldn’t like that, would we?

You can either drop in an email with a pitch deck or something about your company as a follow-up or send a reminder a day before and an hour before the meeting. Apart from following up with email, a little nudge on social media will also do the trick. You can consider following them on Twitter and the best thing you can do is to connect with them on business networking platforms like LinkedIn.

Sending a reminder or two gives the prospect a chance to inform you beforehand if they can’t make it for the meeting and want to reschedule it. Though you wouldn’t like to hear anyone postponing the meeting you booked, it is a lot better than a ghosted meeting. We all know about those sales targets, don’t we?

Also. keep in mind that your follow-ups have to be even more active when the prospect doesn’t show up. These scenarios are common in sales, also very demotivating at the same time when you realise the amount of effort you put into getting that one extra meeting. So it takes effort from your end to handle them and to ensure to make that meeting happen somehow.

A small trick you can try to reduce these situations is to activate automatic reminders when they book the meetings. Then you can unburden yourself from making the effort to remind all those meetings you booked.

5. Be mindful of the time and dates while booking- Mutual availability!

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Again, as SDRs, we all know the stress when we go back and forth to check time availability from both ends. After all your hard work to get a prospect to agree to a meeting, you would want some help with scheduling the appointment seamlessly. Usually, you would suggest a date and time and ask the prospect if it is suitable or sometimes you hear the prospect suggesting a time and date from their end. But, unfortunately, sometimes the times suggested will not always be convenient for both the parties and going back and forth to agree on a time might even end up losing the prospect. So it can either go on till you finally manage to mutually agree to a date and time or until you lose the prospect responding to you.

To avoid all this unnecessary conversation, you can go for a meeting scheduling tool, which is integrated with your calendar that helps you with booking meetings seamlessly. A highly convenient tool we use that helps us book meetings at We Are Team Rocket is Calendly. You can have a look at our calendar if you click on the link here.  

So while you set up your time availability or while booking a meeting with prospects, it is necessary to consider the prospect’s time zone as well. It shouldn’t be that you choose a convenient time for yourself but not for the prospect. Instead, you have to decide on a time that works for both of you.

We hope you enjoyed and got some insights by reading this article. The tips above will help you or your sales teams have a constant inflow of meetings with qualified leads in order to bring in more deals for your business. It does not end here! We have one bonus tip for you below, which could help you to take your meeting booking and appointment setting to next level to Rocket your business.


Outsource your meeting booking and appointment setting process FOR A FRACTION OF A COST – Curious?

We at Team Rocket have over a decade of experience in lead generation as a Growth Marketing Agency based in the UK and now extended to having offices in Sri Lanka and Dubai. Believe me, we will prove our expertise!

We help businesses generate leads and expand their sales pipelines. We will help you discover your ideal prospects and do the legwork on your behalf to generate more conversations, meetings, briefs, and opportunities amongst them.

We will take away all your burden of finding prospects and booking meetings for your company with our ‘DONE FOR YOU’ service level and triple your sales output. All for a fraction of a cost!

Your company will be an ideal fit if you,

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If you can tick the above or if you think our service has the potential to help your business grow, please click the meeting link here. We can arrange a quick 15-minute meeting to introduce ourselves and discuss how we can help you with your requirements.

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