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We are all about the rule of 3 right now here at We Are Team Rocket.How have we booked this many meetings we’d expect you to be asking, nay encourage you to ask!? 

Well, the answer is simpler than you might expect..

Team Rocket will:

🚀 Triple Your Response Rates
🚀 Triple Your Industry Connections
🚀 Triple The Number Of Conversations Your Having
🚀 Triple Your Lead-Inflow
🚀 Triple The Reach Of Your Content
🚀 Triple The Size Of Your Verified Prospect Database

And Better Yet We Do All Of This For 1/3 Of The Cost Of An Internal New Hire!

All Good Things Come In 3’s 🚀🚀🚀🎰🎰🎰

Well, I guess you are now, no doubt thinking, how do you go about achieving all that 🤔 Short answer?

Book in a strategy session and I’ll talk you through

Bottom line, it’s all we do, day in day out on behalf of our clients. We’ve executed thousands of campaigns across all conceivable acquisition channels and industries. And we are constantly experimenting and a/b testing always trying to continually optimise and improve in all that we deliver!

We Are Team Rocket specialises in providing B2B meetings for clients with recession-proof strategies that provide a consistent flow of new conversations. Ultimately Results!

Ultimately speaking to the law of averages abide by the rule of 3, in terms of conversions. Here’s an example lead flow funnel that we have driven for Shopmium’s inside sales team over the last 12 months.


Given the current economic situation. Any decline in new business meetings and opportunities would be the last thing you need right now.

The leads are still coming in and our data is custom mined, enriched and triple verified to deliver optimal returns.

We even have our own email automation hardware to deliver it and ensure the best possible deliverability and open rates.

Interested in getting extra leads and meetings for you or your sales team?

Book an Intro with Tom Simpson

3X Your Sales Team Output

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