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Founded in 2013, our mission as a marketing automation agency, is to help UK businesses generate leads and expand their sales pipelines.

We’ll help you discover your ideal prospects and do the legwork on your behalf to generate more conversations, meetings, briefs and opportunities amongst them.

We plan, create and execute creative marketing approaches to educate, engage and drive action. We consult and collaborate with our clientele to devise marketing strategies, which complement and integrate with their overall overarching strategy.



🚀 For a tech company, our email automation platform executed a campaign to Unilever using Rocket prospect data that delivered a 33% open rate, a 4% response rate and an outcome of 10 face-to-face appoints, with 10 different Unilever brands.

🚀 In 2017 we generated 160 sales appointments for a loyalty provider, Hive, which added over £3million to their sales pipeline and resulted in £1million in extra sales.

🚀 For a technology app provider, Shopmium, we drove 120 brand appointments for their sales team in year one of our partnership, with 50% of meetings going to proposal.

🚀 In early 2018 we rolled out our latest lead automation product ‘Rocket’ to clients. The lead generation services, modules and methodologies of this are explained in the product section below…


Campaign Creation & Management

Rocket’s clients get access to our team of planners, writers, designers and content kings who are versed in understanding client propositions, tones of voice and audiences in a way that allows them to re-interpret your offering into beautiful prose suited for B2B outreach.

 Campaign planning: Having run over 5000 B2B lead automation campaigns, we are in the strongest possible position to know what works with whom. We pride ourselves on our ability to recommend a full annual plan of campaign activity to our clients.

Personalisation: Whether we are writing to 5 or 500 prospects, we always strive to optimise depth of personalisation by merging prospect insight into bespoke best performing templates, thereby ensuring campaigns feel unique and personal.

 Constant A/B Testing: Our real-time analytics and easy to use software allow for advanced A/B testing of campaigns and their subcomponents. Whether its subject lines, audiences, content, CTAs, links, attachments, imagery or signatures.

 Multi-channel campaign application: We recreate every campaign in short form, for suitability for duplication via social for optimal engagement.

image for campaign creation and management under sales lead generation
Email automation image for sales lead generation services

Email Automation

Nurture lead generation system with highly personalised email marketing automation. Rocket has invested in our own cloud-based platform; purpose-built for optimal deliverability and response rates.

Follow-up automation: Automatic follow-ups within the same thread, allowing for scheduled sequence-based campaigns.

Human-like sending: Automatically send out targeted email campaign sequences that get delivered one-by-one, as if done manually, for maximum deliverability and avoidance of spam filters.

Reply detection: Once a reply to any of your emails comes in, the follow-up sequence planned for the prospect is stopped automatically.

Teamwork: Full client access so you can view, tweak and add prospects to the campaigns we create on your behalf, or even create your own templates and campaigns.

Integration: Integrate your email account in seconds, and add access to allow additional team members to use our software.

 Security: Duplicates are detected automatically, automatic validation of emails is carried out before sending, with blacklisting of select companies and prospects.

LinkedIn Growth

Our done-for-you LinkedIn growth product will establish a wealth of evergrowing 1st-degree connections within your ideal prospect pool, and systematically nurture them into dialogue, leads, meetings and opportunities

 LinkedIn profile makeover: Optimised to maximise resulting connections, responses and inbound from our social selling campaign activities

 Daily personalised and targeted Connect campaigns

 Personalised message sequences: To engage, nurture and convert

LinkedIn growth - Linkedin lead generation

Real-time Reporting Dashboard

Our clients gain the ability to log in, anytime, anywhere to have a holistic view of campaign metrics. Real-time analytics allow for ongoing optimisation, as both Rocket and client monitor and measure what works best during A/B testing phases.

✓  Track open rates: Keep a live track of how many people opened your messages. Find out when your emails get opened most often.

  Track reply rates: See how many people responded to each of your messages and your campaign in general. We use these stats to improve your email copy.

  Count the clicks on your links: Measure click-through rates of the links we put into your emails and follow-ups.

  Control bounce rates: Our platform immediately reports on bounced emails, so that we can control the rate of invalid email addresses in your prospect pool, ensuring your domain maintains a good reputation.

Real-time reporting dashboard - Sales Lead Generation Services
Intelligent inbox feature image - email lead generation services

Intelligent Inbox

Post-campaign our clients are left only with a magical drip feed of unopened warm leads in their inbox. Allowing them to focus the entirety of their time on closing deals!

 Automatic filtering and foldering of bounces and out-of-office replies

Rocket’s data team works behind the scenes to research, fix and resend every bounced email and action every referral from out-of-office information.

 Option for automatically-scheduled meetings, where prospects agree outright to meet directly from our campaign activity; they can book directly into an open slot in your diary, with a pre-populated agenda.

Rocket’s data team manages, actions, blacklists, informs and reports on any request to unsubscribe or erasure request.

lead generation data infographic - lead prospecting


Here are some of our awesome B2B performance stats

image related to lead generation stats

1st Connections Generated


Meetings Booked


Opportunities Added to Clients Pipelines


Client Opportunities Won